Ionics Inc is a leading technology group of companies engaged in product design cum electronics manufacturing, precision-engineered plastic injection molding, core-technology venture capital investment, property holdings and management.

It traces its beginning in semiconductor and hybrid assembly as one of the pioneers and the only firm to remain standing for more than three decades.

It has the distinction of being named one of the best 300 and the best 200 global firms by Forbes for two consecutive years. It is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker of ION since 1995.

Ionics Inc was incorporated in 1982 as Ionics Circuits Inc which commenced its consignment manufacturing in 1987. Since then, the company has diversified to printed circuit board assembly and packaging of finished products or box-build and eventually to electronics manufacturing services (EMS).

In 1999, Ionics Circuits spun off its EMS to a wholly-owned subsidiary, Ionics EMS Inc. which listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange the following year, in 2000.

Accordingly, Ionics Circuits amended its primary purpose to become a holding company as Ionics Inc.

Ionics Inc's subsidiaries include Ionics EMS Inc. and its China unit, IONOTE Inc., which is a 50% joint-venture with a Swedish EMS firm, Iomni Precision Inc., Ionics Circuits Limited, Ionics Properties Inc.